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Mission Statement

SGC Community Impact & Empowerment Foundation's mission is to reach back, impact and empower communities to succeed by supporting and providing resources for single mothers, young adults, and youth of single-parent households. Provide capacity building and support to organizations whose mission is to provide programs and services to youth, seniors, minorities, the disadvantaged, and underserved communities.

Main Goal


Support and partner with organizations that provide service and programs to disadvantaged and underserved individuals, the youth of single-parent households, single parents, seniors, and youth at large.


Approved organizations must help promote, participate, and support the annual charity concert fundraising event.


The application deadline is September 30 each year.

We carry out our mission through capacity building and providing technical assistance to small non-profit organizations that help to provide social, economic, and educational services, summer jobs, Emergency Assistance & Disaster Recovery, Healthcare, Mental Wellness and Grief Counseling Referrals, Life Skills, Access to Housing, health and Financial and Homebuyer Education, Seminars and Workshops.


  • Annual Charity Concert Fundraising

  • Community Advocate on the ground for Emergency Relief and Disaster Recovery for Disadvantaged and Underserved Communities

  • Consultant and provide Technical Assistance and Capacity Building for startup and small nonprofits

  • Mental Wellness, Grief Counseling and Social Services Referrals to our approved partners

  • Civic Engagement, Voter Education and Voter Rights Awareness Workshops and Seminars

  • Women and Small Business Conferences

  • Financial and Housing Seminars and Workshops



Types of Services

  • Micro Grants for Non-profits and small businesses

  • Support and give to programs that support mental wellness, crime prevention, summer youth jobs, free and affordable healthcare, and emergency relief to prevent homelessness. 

  • Economic and Social Service Referrals

  • Community Fundraising Events, Workshops, and Seminars

  • Capacity Building and Technical Assistance for organizations whose mission aligns with ours 

Located in Columbus, Georgia

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