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  1. Workshops and resources for seniors and single working moms (day)

  2. Summer jobs for teens and young adults

  3. Emergency fire relief and disaster recovery assistance

  4. Housing, credit and mortgage, and Small Business Loan approval workshops

  5. How to sustain, keep, and save your homes

  6. Probate, wills, and estates seminar

  7. Business and entrepreneurship workshops on how to start, sustain, or save a business

  8. Healthcare vouchers

  9. Mental wellness and grief counseling referrals

  10. Fundraising events for the community


Anticipated Benefiting Organizations and Programs: 

  1. Tree of Life Healthcare - Free Healthcare Services

  2. 4th Street Affordable Day Care Academy - Daycare Scholarships for Single Mothers

  3. A Call to Talk A Call to Action - Capacity Build

  4. 100 Women on the Move girls and women program including senior citizens

  5. Urban League - Emergency Assistance and Summer Jobs for Youth

  6. IMA Faith Based Organization

  7. 100 Black Men and boys program including senior citizens

  8. Columbus Community Coalition Stop the Violence & Crime Prevention Program

  9. NAACP Legal Defense Fund

  10. Muscogee County School System First Generational College Scholarship REACH Program

  11. St. Mary’s Road Seeds to Trees & REACH Program


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